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About Us

The BC Bereavement Helpline (BCBH) was established in 1988 and has become a provincial leader in providing education, support and advocacy for the bereaved, their caregivers and professionals. We are supported 100% through government grants, private donations and membership fees.

BCBH Mission
To facilitate the provision of care and support to the bereaved and their caregivers of British Columbia and to ensure that their interests are publicly safeguarded. BCBH is committed to increasing public understanding of bereavement as a normal life process through education, support, advocacy, networking and dissemination of information.

The BC Bereavement Helpline assists the bereaved and their caregivers in coping and managing grief. When you call us your call will be answered by a caring, compassionate volunteer who is familiar with over 300 grief support groups and organizations in the province. Bereavement support groups provide a safe, nurturing environment for participants to share and support each other in their grief. Trained facilitators provide information about grief and encourage individuals to speak about their loss as they feel comfortable. Your call is free, confidential and anonymous and will be treated with care in helping you find the most appropriate support for your specific type of loss.

BCBH recognizes the unique factors that come with a sudden death due to homicide, suicide or substance use. Our programs include:


BCBH Staff

Executive Director - Asya Hadzismajlovic started working for the BC Bereavement Helpline in 2011. Her career in the non-for-profit sector began in 2006 when she returned to her native country, Bosnia, to help with grassroots projects dealing with post-war bereavement and trauma support especially for survivors of the 1995 Srebrenica Genocide. As she continued to explore other important social issues through her roles as project coordinator and case worker for charities across the globe, she gathered invaluable experience related to topics of environmental protection, immigrants and refugees and grief support. During her time at BCBH, Asya has answered many Helpline calls and continues to support bereaved individuals in person as well as conduct grief and loss related trainings across the province. She believes in a more compassionate society where trauma and grief are understood and supported by our communities. Asya holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from UBC and a Master’s degree in Journalism from Media Plan, Sarajevo.


  Program Manager - Jessica Lowe started working for the BC Bereavement Helpline October of 2017 after being a Helpline volunteer and Practicum Student. In working for BCBH, Jessica has found a unique environment for which she is well suited having lost her three siblings to separate tragedies including Leukemia, homicide and substance poisoning. In this work she finds great reward sharing her experience of tragedy, healing, and endurance and giving back to Helpline callers and as a support group facilitator. She brings with her 20+ years' experience in marketing and advertising which comes in handy in seeking grants and donors for BCBH. Jessica holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Boston University and a Social Services Worker Certificate from Langara College.