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BC Bereavement Day - 4th Sunday in May


Every year for 25+ years, the BC Bereavement Helpline has had a Sunday in May declared by Proclamation of the Province of BC that the last Sunday in May be Bereavement Day. It is a day to to raise awareness for the needs of the bereaved in our communities, share stories of remembrance, feelings of loss, and to seek comfort by gathering with others experiencing similar feelings.

The symbol of Bereavement Day is the black ribbon pin. Wear this pin to honour your loved one, help others acknowledge your loss, or to acknowledge the loss of others. If you would like to purchase a black ribbon pin to wear in support of bereavement for yourself or your community, please contact the Helpline at 604-738-9950, toll free at 1-877-779-2223 or email contact@bcbh.ca.
Pins cost $3 each, plus a small shipping fee.

If you have lost someone you love and have moments of sadness and pain, reach out to our Helpline to speak with a trained volunteer, or to receive referrals to grief resources.
You can reach us by phone at 604-738-9950, toll free at 1-877-779-2223, or email contact@bcbh.ca. 




We want to thank our partner and supporter of each BC Bereavement Day, Kearney Funeral Services. 


Grief in the Time of Covid-19

Dr. Catherine Hajnal is a Grief Educator, Speaker and Consultant who focuses in the area of grief and loss. Dr. Hajnal has spoken in many different setting and run numerous workshops in the area of grief and loss as she shares her own experiences and educates on this important topic. 

In this video, Dr. Catherine Hajnal discusses the different types of loss, grief and how it is experienced, and how the COVID-19 Pandemic is affecting all of this. 

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