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Building Hope

Building Hope is a new grief education series offered by BC Bereavement Helpline, in partnership with the Crisis Centre of BC, for the suicide bereaved. You are welcome to register for one session, or as many as you would like. 

June 7th: As of June 2nd, registration has closed for Session 1, The Grief Process, as we have reached capacity. The Grief Process- J´╗┐oin facilitators Pam Bilusack (BCBH Executive Director) and Manisha Cheema while they give an overview of grief and how it affects us, the difference between grief and mourning, and breaking down preconceived notions or myths about grief. 

June 14th: 6 Needs of Mourning- Dr. Alan Wolfelt's 6 Needs of Mourning can provide a new framework for people that are grieving. But what are they, and what does it look like to work through them? Join facilitator Trista McIver to learn about the 6 Needs of Mourning and how to move through them. Register here!

June 21st: Grief & Resiliency- In this session, facilitator Brad Martin will discuss what resiliency is and how to build it into your life, as well as address the topic of self-care and how to make moments for yourself. Register here!

June 28th: Uniqueness of Suicide Grief- There are many aspects of a suicide loss that can complicate the grieving process. Join facilitator Jessica Wolf Ortiz while she explores the unique aspects of suicide grief to develop a deeper understanding of the bereavement process. Register here!

Thank you to the BC Centre for Palliative Care for funding this program through All Together– Spreading Community Innovation Seeds Grant Program. 

Please note these sessions are intended for people who have lost someone to suicide. If you are a professional interested in grief training, please email executivedirector@bcbh.ca.