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About Us

The BC Bereavement Helpline (BCBH) was established as a charity in 1988 and has become a provincial leader in providing education, support and advocacy for the bereaved, their caregivers and professionals. 


To provide support to anyone coping with grief and loss. 


The BC Bereavement helpline is committed to facilitating the provision of care and support to the bereaved, caregivers and service providers and to increase public understanding of grief as a life process through education, support, advocacy, networking and dissemination of information.


BCBH Core Values






Since its inception in 1988, the BCBH has been active in the provision and encouragement of, and remains committed to: 

  1. Support - by acting as a resource and support to the bereaved and caregivers through referral and interdisciplinary communication.
  2. Education - by providing knowledge and understanding of the psychological, sociological, physical and spiritual dimensions on dying, death, and bereavement. 
  3. Research - by encouraging research projects on death, dying, and bereavement. 
  4. Advocacy - by advocating on behalf of the bereaved within the public and private sectors. 

The BC Bereavement Helpline assists the bereaved and their caregivers in coping and managing grief and loss. When you call us your call will be answered by a caring, compassionate volunteer who is familiar with over 300 grief support groups and organizations in the province. Volunteers are trained to provide compassionate listening and offer an opportunity to lend a sympathetic ear for the bereaved. Our traumatic loss support groups provide a safe, nurturing environment for participants to share and support each other in their grief. Trained facilitators provide information about grief and encourage individuals to speak about their loss as they feel comfortable. Your call is free, confidential and anonymous and will be treated with care in helping you find the most appropriate support for your specific type of loss.

Our programs include:


BCBH Staff

Executive Director - Jessica Lowe began as a volunteer for the BC Bereavement Helpline in October of 2017. In working for BCBH, Jessica soon found a special environment for which she is uniquely suited having lost her three siblings to separate tragedies due to Leukemia, homicide and substance poisoning. Her experience at BCBH lead her to return to school to earn a Social Services Worker Certificate from Langara College. In this work she finds strength and satisfaction using her experiences of perseverance, healing, and endurance to give back to the Helpline and its constituents as a support group facilitator and as Executive Director. She brings with her 20+ years' experience in marketing and advertising which comes in handy in seeking grants, partnerships and donors for BCBH. Jessica holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Boston University.

Program Coordinator - Courtney Kindlein is responsible for the coordination of support groups, and the operations of the Helpline which includes the recruitment, training, and supervision of the volunteers. Courtney has 5+ years experience in advocacy and events which she is excited about applying to her work with BCBH. Courtney is passionate about policy work, travelling, and books. She has a diploma in Event Management and is currently pursuing further education in Human Service Work through College of the Rockies. Courtney found BCBH after losing a close family member and finds a unique form of healing through supporting others through their grief. In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her fiance, thier animals, and nature. 

Extended Helpline Coordinator - Angela Wheeler is an active listener and empath who understands that the loudest voice is not always the strongest nor the one with the most profound message. She comes to the BCBH in recognition that emotional support surrounding loss can be challenging to ask for and receive. She believes in the value of normalizing emotion after her own transformation brought her a sense of wholeness. Angela is currently completing a Foundational Counselling Skills Program and taps into emotion as a way to heal her heart. As a teacher, she enjoys creaing safe inclusive spaces for learning. Angela enjoys unwinding by the ocean and a therapeutic outdoor run.

  Clinical Supervisor - John Dubé is a registered social worker and a registered clinical counsellor in the province of British Columbia. He began his work in the area of suicide and bereavement in 1985 responding to family and community needs to a suicide, homicide or traumatic death.

His primary counselling area is working with clients who are bereaved due to a suicide, homicide or traumatic death. He works with individuals by encouraging them to find the answers within and utilize their own resources for change and to heal. He believes in providing a respectful and safe place that supports clients to do self-reflective work and discover new ways of coping, integrating the painful event while navigating their world. 

Over the past 25 years, John has conducted numerous workshops and trainings to professionals (therapists, counselors, teachers, social workers, victim services personnel, nurses and hospice staff) on topics such as: Grief - The Basics; Complex Bereavement Issues; Bereavement due to Suicide, Homicide and Multiple Loss; Suicide Prevention/Intervention Strategies; Professional Self-care, Communication, and Program Evaluation and Outcomes.

John is currently the Program Manager and Clinical Supervisor of Family Preservation and Family Support programs with Family Services of the North Shore, programs that work closely with MCFD concerning families struggling with addictions, mental health and domestic violence.  He is also an adjunct instructor at Adler University teaching graduate level Ethics in Counselling Psychology. 

Practicum Student - John Stackhouse is a social work student who is completing a practicum placement at BCBH. He is passionate about providing support and care to members of his community and is committed to continuing to advocate for increased access to mental health care within Vancouver and British Columbia as a whole. He is excited to continue improving his technique for cooking rice and enjoys being outdoors with the people he loves. 


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