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Suicide Grief Support

The BC Bereavement Helpline works with the BC Crisis Centre to offer Suicide Grief Support groups to help suicide survivors come together to heal in their unique loss.  Our grief support groups are led by experienced facilitators. We try very hard to ensure that at least one facilitator is a suicide survivor as they can connect and share in this similar, tragic loss. Our groups are not counselling model, but rather a format in which everyone can come together to connect  and be supported with their similar grief experiences. Facilitators will provide space for education and discussion on suicide grief.



Common symptoms of grief due to the death by suicide are the questions of “why?” Why did my loved one decide to do this? Other complications include guilt, “what could I have done differently that would have prevented this death?” By bringing everyone together in a support group, healing and companionship can begin.  Many survivors of suicide suffer not only the grief and loss of their loved one but could also be victim to the stigma our society attaches to a death by suicide. Suicide survivors should not suffer alone, nor in silence. Being with others who have experienced a similar loss has proven to break isolation and create long-term networks of support. 

Our 8 week suicide grief support groups provide: 

  • A safe, non-judgmental, compassionate environment with time for restorative sharing of stories and insights
  • Essential grief and mourning survival tools to help survivors in their daily lives
  • Practical support and information as well as valuable community connections
  • A respectful space for honouring the life of the person who has died

Our grief support groups are currently being offered online and in-person, meeting once a week for two hours and we ask that all members are able to commit to all 8 sessions. Maximum capacity is nine members. We hold approximately four suicide grief groups per year.

  • We ask that you are available for all 8 sessions of the group, as each group builds upon the previous knowledge and connections.
  • For online groups, you should have either a computer, laptop or tablet. Sorry, no phones as it is not possible to see all group members at once. 

To join our contact list for our Suicide Grief Support Group, please email contaact@bcbh.ca or call the Helpline with the following information

BCBH Support Group Schedule

SPRING 2023:

Dates: Every Wednesday, March 29 - May 17, 2023

Time: 1:00 - 3:00pm PT

Where: this is an online group with a maximum of 9 participants

Facilitators: Debra Wolinsky, RCC and Brad Martin, RTC

Fee: $120 helps support the fees we pay to our facilitators. Subsidies are available. Nobody will be turned away due to inability to pay. 

We currently are working thorugh our waitlist to fill this group. If you are interested in joining a group, please contact us asap to be placed on the list. 

Phone the Helpline at 604-738-9950 or email us at contact@bcbh.ca and provide us your contact information. 

Online - Suicide Support Groups by the Crisis Centre of BC


After a suicide loss, many survivors feel isolated. Finding sameness and belonging are key ingredients needed to help their journey through bereavement. Feeling supported and with the possibility to create new connections is essential.

In this 75 min session, you will find a safe place to meet other suicide loss survivors to share challenges and resources, feelings, and ideas.


Additional Support Options

Kamloops Suicide Loss Support Group

This Suicide Support Group is for anyone who has been impacted by suicide loss; this is a safe space to share your story, connect with others, receive support, comfort and strength after suicide loss. This is an open group that offers in-person or virtual option. 

When: Every Monday 6:00 - 7:30pm (except holidays)

Where: In person >  546 St. Paul Street, Kamloops, BC.

             Virtual > contact Rebecca directly for the link.

Contact Info: Rebecca Sanford, PHD, RCSW. Phone 250-574-7664. Email Kamloopssuicideloss@gmail.com

Kamloops Suicide Loss Support Group


Video: One Event Does Not Define a Life. Coping with Suicide Loss. 


Full recording is here:: Youtube @ bcbh.live/JessicaWolf

Facilitator and author, Jessica Wolf Ortiz speaks to the specific challenges of a suicide loss and the experiences of those who are left behind. She helps us understand why this is considered a traumatic loss, some of the common feelings and thoughts of suicide survivors (those left behind) and how this one event does not define a life. 

Facilitator Biography
Jessica Wolf Ortiz is a registered clinical counsellor with the BC Clinical Counselling Association and has a Masters degree in Family Therapy. Suicide bereaved herself, Jessica has devoted part of her 20-year clinical work to grief therapy and, uniquely, suicide bereavement. She is a co-facilitator of the BCBH/BC Crisis Centre online suicide grief support groups.

Jessica is a TED Talk speaker, and the author of the book “Overcoming Suicide Bereavement: The Experience of Those that Stay” about the aftermath of suicide and the unique aspects of suicide bereavement. This book, currently available in Spanish, is in the process of being translated into English.

Video: What is Suicide Bereavement?


Additional Supports

Please call the Helpline and we can assist in finding you 1-1 counseling supports for your suicide grief. 

Please see our Coping With Grief / Suicide Loss Section on our website for additional resources. 

Join the BC Crisis Centre's Bereavement Program mailing list to stay informed on new and upcoming events that you may find beneficial during your grief journey. The BC Crisis Centre's Bereavement Program goal is "to create a community where those bereaved by suicide feel a sense of belonging and understanding through different connecting and learning events. To achieve these goals we have been working closely with a Bereavement Advisory Committee comprised of wonderful people bereaved by suicide, members of the BC Crisis Centre and the BC Bereavement Helpline who have volunteered their time to offer us insight." To join please email bereavement@crisiscentre.bc.ca.

Surviving the Loss



Support Group Testimonials

"It was nice to talk with others going through similar experiences who could relate to what I’m going through."

"Thank you for providing this greatly needed service."

"I felt what I learned and the connections I made were so beneficial and would be helpful to others."

"I have realized how helpful and supportive it is to communicate with others who are experiencing a similar situation."

"It was beyond helpful [the support group], from start to finish. I could have never imagined finding such an amazing safe and supportive group."

"Both facilitators had experienced loss from suicide before, which was amazingly helpful. They let us talk freely and openly, without judgement, and they know what we’re going through. (*BCBH support groups strive to have at least one facilitator who has experienced similar losses. We are not always able to find two.)"

"It’s been something I look forward to and crave and has been an amazing gift to share in a space where people understand! Thank you."


The BC Bereavement Helpline acknowledges the financial assistance from the Province of British Columbia and the following partners:


Josh Platzer Memorial Fund - Teen Suicide Awareness and Prevention, held at Vancouver Foundation