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Grief During the Holidays

For some this season is not a time of good cheer. The Holidays can be difficult for many, as we grieve the loss of our loved ones during a time that is supposed to be about celebration and family.

Suggestions to Cope with the Holidays

Gifts You Can't Buy With Money, Author Unknown

Handout Holiday Survival ChecklistAuthor Unknown

How to Help Ourselves Through the Holidays, Donna Kalb

Helpful Ideas for Journying Through the HolidaysAuthor Unknown

Coping with Special Days and HolidaysAuthor Unknown

Surrey Hospice Society, Coping Through The Holidays, Author Unknown


Coping with Social Events and the Holidays: A Widow's Story, Lisa Scott

3 Cs of Coping with the Holidays, Kenneth J. Doka (Courtesy of Hospice Foundation of America)

Guilt and Grief During the Holidays, Eleanor Haley

7 ways to Go Easy on Yourself While Grieving at the Holidays, Eleanor Haley

8 Tips for Remaining Present at the Holidays (While Grieving), Eleanor Haley

Handling the Holidays When You Are Feeling Blue, Marty Tousley

Grief: Special Days and Holidays Brochure, Victoria Hospice Bereavement Services

Resources for Children

Helping Children Cope with the Holidays, Rosar-Morrison Funeral Home

Helping Grieving Children Handle the Holidays, adapted from Ralph Klicker

Helping Grieving Children and Yourself Cope with the Holidays, adapted from Terry Androsky