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Seeking a Treasurer

The BC Bereavement Board of Directors is comprised of committed volunteers dedicated to the provision of services to those in British Columbia coping with the emotions and effects of grief and loss. Our Board consists of professionals and volunteers from the educational field, funeral services, personal experience with grief and loss, counselors, and therapists - to name a few.

Our Board is a governance board consisting of not more than twelve persons. Terms of elected Directors is three years. The terms for Officers is two years. Board meetings are held once every two months, with a minimum of five meetings per calendar year. Board meetings are not set for the months of July and August. 

The BCBH is seeking a qualified financial professional as Treasurer for their volunteer Board of Directors. There are opportunities to join Board Committees, but it is not mandatory. The Board currently consists of 8 members and work together with the two employees; Executive Director and Program Coordinator. 

Please forward any inquiries to Executive Director, Jessica Lowe at jessica.lowe@bcbh.ca