Support to familes of MMIWG

Support to Families of MMIWG

Sisters in Strength

In 2017 and 2019 the BC Bereavement Helpline and its subsidiary program, BC Victims of Homicide, worked with partners to provide a culturally sensitive and informed retreat for Indigenous women who had a female relative missing or murdered. The retreat was a two-night, three-day event focused on the women, healing, connection and cultural activities held at Sts’ailes Lhawathet Lalem in Agassiz B.C.

We want to thank our partners for their help and support in bringing these retreats together:

  • Terry Androsky
  • Melodie Casella
  • Jessica Delorme
  • Freda Ens
  • Angela George
  • Krystal Gowalski
  • Brenda Morrison & SFU Centre for Restorative Justice
  • Gertie Pierre

2017 Sisters in Strength Report
2019 Sisters in Healing Report
In 2021 this retreat was transferred to the Indian Residential School Survivors Society to ensure cultural safety and relevance for this valuable retreat.