Traumatic Loss Facilitator Training


The BC Bereavement Helpline Traumatic Loss Facilitator Training (TLFT) teaches the basics of facilitating a closed, 8-week support group for traumatic loss; homicide, suicide, a loss due to substance use (or any sudden, unexpected loss) in a mixed learning format.

TLFT is delivered in a mixed learning model. The course consists of six modules; Modules 1 and 6 are live Zoom sessions and Modules 2 thru 5 are online study-at-home content. The course will take place over 2-weeks.

  • Module 1: 3.5 hour live Zoom session – Introduction to trauma and support groups
  • Module 2: Online Content – Understanding grief and trauma
  • Module 3: Online Content – Trauma-informed facilitation
  • Module 4: Online Content – Supporting traumatic bereavement
  • Module 5: Online Content – Creating a safe and cohesive support group
  • Module 6: 3.5 hour live Zoom session – Facilitating the BC Bereavement Helpline curriculum

A certificate of completion is issued to anyone fully completing this online course.

Upcoming Online Training Sessions:

  • April 6 & 20, 2024, live sessions 1-4:30PM. Register here! *Please note that the live sessions are being held on a Saturday.*
  • May 16 & 30, 2024, live sessions 1-4:30PM. Register here!

Cost: $350 per person (pay by credit card through registration link. If you would like to pay by another method, please email [email protected] before registering.

“This is a great course for anyone looking to learn more about traumatic grief and/or responses. It highlighted some things I would have never thought about and it really emphasizes the importance of creating a safe, non-judgmental, caring space for participants to express themselves in whatever way they feel comfortable doing. Thank you so much for offering this course. I feel better equipped to serve my clients and I am inspired to now offer group sessions-something I hadn’t considered doing prior to taking this course.”  – Erin, training graduate March 2022

Course Goals:

  1. Increase participant’s understanding of grief as a life process and how traumatic loss is a unique grief experience.
  2. Help course participants develop an action plan to implement and facilitate a support group informed by the BCBH support group model.
  3. Help inform course participants on how traumatic grief is different.
  4. Build a community of practice for course participants to connect about their efforts to support their community members in living their lives.

This program uses the BCBH Traumatic Loss Support Group model as its core example. However, these learnings can be applied to help anyone who works with bereaved individuals in a peer setting, 1-1 support or with general population bereavement groups.  We welcome laypersons, registered professionals, counselors, and anyone who is interested in learning more on how to support the bereaved. The BCBH closed 8-week support group model is not a counseling model. Rather, this training is based on working to bring those with common lived experiences together to reduce isolation and promote healing through connection. Being with others who have experienced a similar loss has proven to break isolation and create long-term networks of support.

If you are a current participant in one of our TLFT programs, you can log in to the modules here.