Training & Educational Programs

Training & Educational Programs

Traumatic Loss Support Group Facilitator Training:

The BC Bereavement Helpline Traumatic Loss Facilitator Training (TLFT) teaches the basics of facilitating a closed, 8-week support group for traumatic loss; homicide, suicide, a loss due to substance use (or any sudden, unexpected loss) in a mixed learning format.

The complete online course consists of six modules; two are live Zoom presentations and four are online study-at-home content. Each training session will take place over a 2 week time period with Module 1 session starting the course and Module 6 session completing the course.

  • Module 1: Zoom Videoconference 3 hour Live Session – Introduction to trauma and support groups
  • Module 2: Online Content – Understanding grief and trauma
  • Module 3: Online Content – Trauma-informed facilitation
  • Module 4: Online Content – Supporting Traumatic Bereavement
  • Module 5: Online Content – Creating a safe and cohesive support group
  • Module 6: Zoom 3 hour Live Session – Facilitating the BC Bereavement Helpline curriculum

A certificate of completion is issued to anyone fully completing this online course.

Upcoming Online Training Sessions: