Precious daughter, it has now been more than 5 years but feels as if I’m in a time warp – like yesterday. It’s so hard to keep going without you, even with your brother, your family and your amazing friends who’ve stayed close. You would be so proud of them all. We get together for your Beach Birthday Party, your Christmas party and stay close all year, every year. So often, a yellow butterfly shows up when we’re together, so rare, and we know it’s you, as a gift from little Kaylah. All the little children you loved still miss and love you. Andrew, your brother, grieves silently every day, will only share it with me. My best friend, I miss laughing, dancing, singing, sharing, cuddling, walking arm in arm, driving with you. I take one breath at a time, one hour at a time, one day at a time to survive. You should never have been stolen, two weeks before university grad. My “job” now is working with other Moms, organizations and politicians to make sure someone like your ex never gets a gun licence in this country again!